Ateljé Lilla Paradiset
Titti's studio is situated in the old center of Trosa town.

Titti combines creativity with sales

Ateljé Lilla Paradiset (= Studio Little Paradise) is Titti's studio, as well as a shop offering handicraft and artwork. Titti constitutes its' permanent management, summertime supplemented with other artists and short-time employed staff. The shop is open all Saturdays the year around, summertime expanding to all days of the week. Many artists and craftsmen contribute to a broad choice of high quality products.

The business is administrated by the limited company AB Lilla Paradiset by which the artistic creativity of the studio is marketed world-wide. Studio articles and copyrights to artwork are put up for sale at the company's website

"Lilla Paradiset" is the name of Titti's home, an old cottage situated at the bank of the idyllic Trosa River.

Entrance to the shop by night